Applications & Use Of Builder’s Bog

Applications & Use

1. Use a thin screwdriver to separate lid from can. Use the plastic overcap as a mixing plate or any other suitable flat, non-absorbent surface.

2. Combine Turbo Builder’s Bog and Red Hardener. Mix well to a uniform colour (no white and red streaks visible).

The product will gel (“set”) to a cheese-like consistency first. At this stage cut, chisel, grate or pare it. Then wait about 30 – 60 minutes for full cure. Then sand & paint it.

Warmer climates: less hardener will result in the same gel time.

Longer work time needed before gelling starts? Use less hardener.

Note: Timber must be clean, dry, non painted & roughened and rot-free.

DIY: How to repair rotten window with Turbo Builder’s Bog

Dealing with rotted wood is something most homeowners must face at one time or another. Water is wood’s biggest enemy, and window frames seem to be particularly susceptible to wood rot.

There is an easy way to repair your rotted wood window frames permanently, allowing you to restore your pride of home ownership as well as your home’s exterior beauty.

Turbo Builder’s Bog is the best choice when it comes to repairing rotted wood, and it’s very simple to use.