Turbo Builder's Bog

Turbo Builder's Bog


Mix together the two supplied components, following the instructions about the correct amounts of each. The amount you mix and the proportion of red hardener can vary to suit the job and the speed of cure you want. But it has to stay within the allowable range as written on the tin.

As it sets, TURBO BUILDER’S BOG® passes through a stage like balsa wood, when it can easily be trimmed with a blade or surform file. It then continues to harden and lose its tackiness until it can be rapidly sanded with 36 to 80 grit paper to its rough shape before finish sanding and painting. All done within the hour if you wish!

The TURBO BUILDER’S BOG® formula contains cross-linking agents to attach to the cellulose in the timber, which gives a more tenacious bond than normal adhesives, and the subsequent flexibility of the TURBO BUILDER’S BOG® allows it to remain tightly knitted to the timber as it undergoes its normal expansion and contraction.

TURBO BUILDER’S BOG® doesn’t cure in the conventional way and there is no discernible shrinkage.

  • Suitable for filling any timbers
  • Replaces rotten or missing wood
  • Can be mixed to set fast or slow
  • Nail and screw it during or after curing
  • Rot proof
  • Extended cheese-grating stage
  • Paintable with any paint
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Waterproof, borer proof
  • Great for large fills – no slump
  • Paintable within the hour
  • Easy to mix, easy to use
  • Ready in minutes