Turbo ROT-FIX – Wood Hardener

Turbo ROT-FIX – Wood Hardener

This convenient new spray-on product hardens, waterproofs and protects rotted timbers before re-forming and repairing with Builder’s Bog. Rot-Fix uses the latest self-crosslinking emulsion technology where evaporation of the water activates a ‘sleeping’ catalyst. This catalyst causes the liquid resin globules suspended in the water (i.e. the milky Rot-Fix emulsion) to crosslink and polymerise into a solid plastic, tightly bonding the rotted wood fibres together again into a fully-hardened base for the Builder’s Bog repair to bond to.

Rot-Fix complements other products in the Turbo range, as it makes an ideal sealer for damaged, dusty concrete before Turbo Concrete Bog is applied. And the same goes for fibre-reinforced Turbo Metal Bog when applied over porous or dusty substrates, like Hardifex sheeting.

Turbo ROT-FIX will protect, harden, restore & waterproof rotted and softened timbers, before rebuilding easily with Turbo Builder’s Bog®.

IMPORTANT: Use ROT-FIX for cosmetic and weatherproofing, not for structural repairs.

  • Window sills, frames, sashes.
  • French doors, architraves, jambs.
  • Decks, outdoor furniture, fences.
  • Waterproofing end-joints; Rot-Fix can easily be sprayed on, without dismantling!